Opening hours: 08h- 10h 17h-22h

Is it possible to arrive outside reception hours?

If your organization does not allow you to arrive during these hours, thank you to inform us, we will do our best to welcome you.

Once installed, do I have access to the hostel all the time?

You can have a code. For groups, it will be given to a manager.


Is there parking nearby?

A free parking area is located at the back of the castle, near the park. This car park is public, it does not belong to the hostel. GPS: Quai du Château, Parking groves.

Is the hostel accessible to people with disabilities?

The hostel is located on the 3rd floor, with no direct lift. You can use the main elevator of the castle , thank you to warn us so that we can guide you. PRM: You can have two bedrooms, a shower and a toilet.


What should I bring?

Sheets, pillows and blankets are provided. It’s up to you to make your beds.

At the time of departure, the sheets must be placed in the cart provided for this purpose, and the covers must be folded and stored in the cupboards.

Bath towels are not provided, please bring some.

How are the rooms distributed?

We have 4 singles, 2 doubles with separate beds, 4 doubles with double bed, 1 with 3 beds, 2 * 4 beds, 6 * 6 beds, 1 * 7 beds and 3 * 8 beds .

We have few small rooms, they are mainly reserved for bus drivers and accompanying persons.

We take care of the distribution taking into account your wishes, as far as possible.

Is there sanitary in the rooms?

There are no toilets in the rooms. Thank you for bringing bath shoes or slippers.

Are there keys to the rooms?

One key per room is given.

Do we have to clean the rooms?

Room cleaning is done only after departure. During the stay, the people themselves ensure the cleanliness of the rooms.

The sanitary facilities and common areas are cleaned daily.


At what time are the meals served?

The breakfasts are served between 8h and 9h. Evening meals at 19h . Let us know if you need breakfast earlier, or if you are late for meals. We can adapt.

Can everyone eat?

Meals are only offered to groups. All meals or picnics are to be ordered when booking.

Meals ordered must be paid. You can change the exact number up to 3 days before your arrival.

Thank you to report special diets (vegetarian, pork, allergies) in advance.

Allergies: meals are provided by a caterer, we try to take them into account as much as possible. We are not responsible for any problems.

Do we have to do the chores?

Clearing and cleaning tables are required.

Can we make our own meals?

We do not have a self-catering kitchen. A microwave oven and a hotplate are available, however, only for individuals, not for groups.