The city of Saverne

In Saverne, with its pedestrian center lined with typical houses you can visit:

Guided tours reservation: Tourist Office ( ,

Celebrations and shows

  • Carnival
  • Fête du monde
  • the “Pays des lumières” at Christmas
  • The Espace Rohan Theater



  • The Petit Rohan
  • Commerce



  • Running: Les foulées savernoises
  • Cycling: the unicorn hike

For cyclists

The hostel is at the crossroads of many bike paths and circuits.
There are many marked trails for mountain bikers


200 km of marked trails take you to discover old castles:
Haut Barr, Geroldseck, Greiffenstein and magnificent views of the mountains and valleys of the Northern Vosges.
Since the Gallo-Roman era, Saverne has been an important place of passage, today it is a stage of the great crossings: the GR 53, the crossing of the Vosges on mountain bike, Way of Saint James


Saverne is a perfect starting point for other places:

For teachers

The hostel is an ideal starting point for your visits as part of school programs:

  • 1st and 2nd World War:
  • The Struthof , (59 km)
  • The Maginot Line
  • European institutions (Strasbourg 40 km), group bookings
  • Possibility of circuit: Verdun, Struthof, the European Parliament.

For the young

Ascension Tree

Adventure trail in the trees (30 minutes from Saverne)
Near the waterfalls of Nideck

Alpine sledding

Near the inclined plane of Arzviller (20 minutes from Saverne)

Skate park

Free access


In Phalsbourg , 10km from Saverne

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